What Is A False Flag?

August 8, 2013

What Is A False Flag?

American flag disgraced by money and corruption

What is a false flag? In terms of definition, it is a “covert military or parliamentary operation that is designed to deceive in such a way as to make it appear as so that it was carried out by other entities, groups, or other countries”. This practice has been common throughout history and in certain instances the deceiving side would actually fly the flag of their enemy to make the illusion appear real. When a false flag is defined in the 21st century, it is often referred to in terrorism episodes. The goal is to create public panic, hypnosis, and fear in the general public. When this is accomplished, the deceiving authority usually initiates a military move as an act of defending what they perceive to be a threat to national security.

The U.S. Government Terror Alert

Based on events that apparently occurred in the Middle East, this terrorist threat was so serious, and so severe that it prompted the immediate closing of 22 embassies throughout the Middle East and Northern Africa. What is incredibly amazing about this entire scenario is that no one knew who is going to carry out this threat, where it’s going to happen, when, or why? You could probably gather more information on an AM radio rigged to Short Wave. Why is the powerful NSA not able to give out more details than that? After all, they spent the hundreds of millions of dollars, and that is all they can give us? The entire spying apparatus built for the NSA was supposed to do it’s best job overseas in this volatile area, but it failed to catch the origin of the plot, or even the nature of the plot. When you piece together the effects of the Boston bombing, where an entire city with surrounding millions was locked down by literally thousands of law enforcement, it seems suspicious. Is this really a real threat? Or is this another “False Flag”, that the U.S. government is conducting in order to maintain the psychotic level of terror in all Americans so that the agenda of war on Islam can continue? Critics call Boston bombing a False Flag

Does The U.S. Support Terrorism?

As much as all of us would like to believe that the government is looking out for the American people, it is difficult when so many attacks have been made on basic civil liberties, with an arrogance that sends chills up the spine of people that have sacrificed in order to defend the Constitution. There are so many people that are “walking around out there that are like zombies”, says Dr. Kevin Barrett. columnist for Press TV. They sit on their couch and watch mindless TV, while their country is falling apart at the seams. And to see it fall apart along with our freedom and liberty disintegrating is not something any American should accept. I can’t go to my couch, turn on the TV, watch corporate news and forget about what is happening in this country.

A Shocking Story About Escalating Tyranny

I would have never believed she was talking about America. An ex immigration worker tells her story about being fired, and then having her house raided, and sent to prison with her husband, because she became a whistle blower. Her house was raided by dozens of federal agents including an Apache helicopter overhead, only because she questioned why she was told to let 23 terrorists cross the border from Mexico into the U.S. These men were some of the most wanted terrorists in the world, and she was told to look the other way, and not even check their personal possessions or credentials, while they entered our country illegally. This attack by our government on an American citizen shows that they will stop at nothing to prevent from being exposed, including charging anyone with terrorism that gets in their way.
Watch the video to see this shocking report of injustice, oppression, and tyranny.
Does the government consider you a Terrorist?

Ted Koppel Speaks On Terrorism

One of the most resounding issues here is the great expense that the U.S. government goes in order to try and supposedly stamp out terrorism. Saddam is probably laughing from his grave as the U.S. spent there treasures of nearly 1 trillion dollars to fight the war in Iraq. Not to mention or not to put less importance on the fact that 4200 American soldiers died for this cause, along with more than 32,000 wounded. And to add insult to injury is the fact that every dime the 1 trillion dollars was borrowed money.

Mr. Koppel fears that the government over reacts to situations, then throws money and resources at a terror situation, where the actual value of what it has accomplished is almost worthless. As a reader, you need to question exactly what benefits we have received out of Iraq, or many other thoughtless responses that our government has made, that makes us any safer than we were before they committed an unprovoked attack on a sovereign country. The government has to be very embarrassed about Iraq because they essentially lost the war, but didn’t want to tell anyone about it. To argue against this would be ridiculous.

In What Ways Did We Lose The Iraq War?

First of all if you look out your window and are able to see the fear and over reaction by our government. They have created an atmosphere of paranoia, just from the embassy threats alone. That is power and control from a foreign government. If terrorists had this in mind when they committed the acts of 9/11, then they brilliantly succeeded. They have actually already won the war on terror by causing our government to take away our freedoms and liberty from us in order to “Protect us from the terrorists”. They have drained our treasury by endless wars that far exceed the amount of gold we have to back up these wars. They have militarized out local police forces, arrested and imprisoned whistle blowers, and are suspecting every U.S. citizen of being a terrorist.

I welcome reader’s responses to this question. How many more False Flags do we have to have, before Americans wake up from their deep hypnosis?

Patrick Fuhrman is a free lance web developer/designer, and writer, and has written numerous articles in national magazines and local newspapers.  He is also a grass roots campaigner for the Bill of Rights Defense Committee.



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